Marketing Technology and Resources Within Your Practice

When I bought my last new automobile, it reminded me of a new home I purchased. I was told that the “basic” model came without upgrade features. The “bells and whistles” were not standard and required additional money. When I was done selecting features, the base price had increased significantly. I was more than willing to pay for these add-ons because they were important to me and were going to make my driving and living experience more efficient and enjoyable.

The same is true for dentistry. The sad part is that the many add-ons dentists purchase to enhance their practice never get communicated to their patients. The patient’s mindset about dentistry lags behind the advances we in the industry accept as standard. Few really know all the state-of-the-art equipment and gadgets that have been chosen by their dentists. Since many people still don’t frequent our offices, they are just not aware what all has changed and is changing. On the other hand, the patients who regularly come play “My dentist is better than your dentist” with comments like:

“My dentist can do a crown in the office and I get it the same day.”

“My hygienist showed me my periodontal conditions in color graphs.”

“My dentist used a mouth camera to take pictures of my fillings and compared them to the digital X-rays.”

“My assistant made me a custom CD that I brought home to show my family. All my treatment was included, even the videos I watched in the office.”

“My dental office offers hot towels, mini massages, soothing music from headsets and HDTV.”

“My office has coffee makers, Xbox entertainment centers, free Wi-Fi and computers as well as custom artwork by local artists in the waiting area.”

I could go on and on but I think you get the point. Patients are talking to their friends and family, and for the most part it is good. Dentists have invested to have style and comforts to help abolish fear and make the experience a pleasant one. Learning how to maximize those investments with other marketing is a major advantage. Highlighting those add-ons so your patients and potential patients know exactly what sets you apart from every other dental office is key to growing a practice.

Whether it is CEREC technology, customizing your Eaglesoft software, an intraoral camera, CAESY integrated applications, Schick digital sensors OR hot towels, massages, headphones, HDTV and patient monitors OR gaming stations, coffee and juice bars, custom artwork, free Wi-Fi, not to mention the myriad of articles and specials you can run on your personalized websites, there are endless ways to enhance your office experience for patients. Here’s how to get started.

1) Evaluate everything you have purchased for your practice. What are those things? How can you include them in your marketing?

2) Be creative. There are limitless possibilities.

3) Set yourself apart from other offices. Make sure your community knows everything you have to offer.

4) Get them talking about you and everything you value. They will value it too.

The rewards are well worth the buzz you will generate.

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  1. Super awesome once again Carla! You are a very good writer! I love your analogies. Wish I could write that well! Can’t wait to read more from you. 😉

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