The Root of It: Thank You, Dental Assistants!

In honor of Dental Assistant Recognition Week, we wanted to hear from “The Root of It” contributors and asked: “What do your dental assistants do that helps set your practice apart from others?”

Stephanie Bakland is Dr. Spingler’s lead assistant. She is a beautiful person inside and out and goes above and beyond to make patients feel comfortable. Every morning, she reviews the schedule and plans her day according to which patients require extra TLC. She allows herself extra time to talk with patients and make sure that they feel comfortable before Dr. Spingler comes in to start the procedure. Stephanie gets to know each and every patient and remembers important details (weddings, children, grandchildren, trips, etc.) about them to follow up on future appointments. Patients adore her and appreciate the personalized service.

Angela Donovan, Office Manager for Robert A. Spingler, DMD


Our hats off to Stephanie and all dental assistants! Keep up the great work!

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One thought on “The Root of It: Thank You, Dental Assistants!

  1. I’ve had the pleasure to know Stephanie for close to 30 years. She is an extraordinary person. Steph has a way of making everyone feel special.
    So happy Stephanie has got the recognition she deserves.
    Angela is right on when she says Stephanie is beautiful inside and out!

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