Hurricane Sandy – East Coast Closings – Updates

As we communicated yesterday, a number of our branches on the east coast closed their facilities in an effort to ensure the safety of their employees. Below is an update of our branches on the east coast that are now open, as well as those that are closed today.

The following branches are now open:

704 / 757 Boston
714 Rhode Island
762 Pittsburgh
746 Maine
764 Richmond , VA
767 Chesapeake
768 Baltimore
827 Devens – Webster Veterinary, corporate office
570 DC Mt Joy


The branches below are closed today:

748 Scranton
793 Patterson Medical NY
730 Long Island
760 Philadelphia
714 Rhode Island
710 Connecticut
728 Metro NY NJ

Please know that we are still available to support your dental practice through the Patterson Technology Center (1.800.475.5036) or the corporate office (1.800.328.5536), should you have any needs that may arise. Also, this blog post will be updated with the latest information about branch closings and who to contact for various needs. Please make this blog post your first source for information.

You can also contact us via TwitterFacebook or Google+. If you need supplies, most orders for your office can be placed on

Please stay tuned to Off the Cusp or your preferred social media channel for updates, but most importantly take care and stay safe!