Windows 8 has arrived!

Microsoft launched its new operating system platform last Friday – Windows 8! Windows 8 brings together classic software applications with built-in mobile apps and new apps through their Windows store.

Patterson has been busy testing all of our software applications on Windows 8 so we can support them fully for all of our customers. At this time, however, we are making the recommendation to not install Windows 8. WebEx, the remote access tool that we use in the PTC support group, is not compatible with the current version of Windows 8. We are working very closely with WebEx on the availability of an update that will allow compatibility.

We also are reviewing all peripheral devices such as printers, digital radiography devices and intraoral cameras, to ensure that they have compatible drivers for Windows 8.

For more information on the CISCO WebEx product and Windows 8, please click here.

For more information on Eaglesoft and our recommendations regarding Windows 8, refer to FAQ 17532. This FAQ will be updated as additional information is available.

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