In-Person Continuing Dental Education Courses at A-dec

The ability to add treatment options, grow your practice and meet state licensure requirements all hinge on your responsibility as an oral health professional to continue learning throughout your career. Continuing education (CE) courses fulfill this responsibility by improving the knowledge, skills and ability of oral health professionals to provide the highest quality of service to the public and the profession.

As part of its commitment to supporting dental professionals and practice owners, A-dec offers both virtual and in-person CE courses for dentists and their staff. Below are a few upcoming courses offered by A-dec. For details and to sign up visit or contact a Patterson Sales Representative, or local A-dec Territory Manager.

Women in Dentistry: Design for Success

In-person: November 12, 2021

Highlighting a holistic approach from ergonomics and overall health, to the potential for greater financial success and modern business applications, this course is for dental practices of the future.

Upon completion of this lecture-based program, you will gain the confidence and knowledge to develop a new office design plan that will benefit you, your dental team and your customers. You will also discover how transforming your practice through a remodel or new construction can reignite your passion for dentistry, enhance patient experience, and increase success.

Learning objectives:

  • Learn how to create a unique practice vision that sets you apart from your competition.
  • Recognize how office image impacts quality of service, case acceptance, and productivity.
  • Understand how critical principles of design can transform your practice image, create efficiency, and enhance ergonomics.


Jacqueline Russo, RN, DDS

Principal, Director of Client Relations Enviromed Design Group

Stephanie Morgan, RID, LEED AP

Principal, Director of Interior Design & Purchasing

Enviromed Design Group

Perspectives: A Journey Worth Starting

In-person: September 17-18, 2021

Learn the financial possibilities and what you need to know to design your first dental practice. Centered on proven business principles, keynote speaker Trent Watrous delivers straight talk on topics from profitability and cash flow to taxation. You will gain an awareness of critical financial aspects of your business to help you recognize investment opportunities that exist within your practice.

Learning objectives

  • Learn how to develop a well-defined plan and clear financial picture.
  • Understand bank financing and what it means to own or lease a space.
  • Determine the factors to consider when selecting a contractor for your project.
  • Determine the functional design needs for your individual project.
  • Consider factors relevant when choosing a location, and whether to rent or own.


Trent Watrous, CPA, CVA, CFE

Aprio, LLP

Adrian Lineberger, DDS

Lineberger Dentistry

Practice of Your Dreams

In-person: December 3-4, 2021

This all-encompassing class covers: financial and design success through expanding your dental practice vision; common issues to avoid on construction and remodel projects; dental practice roles and project team members; and functional design and its relationship with ergonomics and improved practice efficiencies. Make your practice what you want it to be and glean the insight to make it a reality.

Learning objectives

  • Understand how functional design can positively impact practice efficiencies and expansion, plus ergonomics for the dental team.
  • Identify the right team for the project and clarify roles within the dental practice.
  • Prevent common issues that may arise during construction or remodel projects.
  • Expand the financial and design vision of your practice.


Trent Watrous, CPA, CVA, CFE

Aprio, LLP

Jason Drewelow, CEO

Primus Dental Solutions

Chad Edwards, DDS

Tennessee Centers for Laser Dentistry

Stress Free and Profitable: How to Create a Successful Dental Practice

Virtual dates: August 20 & October 22, 2021

This course is designed for dentists who have a vision for what they want their practice to be, but don’t know how to get there.   Attendees will gain confidence and understanding in the role the environment plays in how patients discern the kind of care they will receive. Whether you are looking to refresh the look and feel of your dental practice or looking to build new or lease a space, this course will guide you through how to navigate dream and achieve perfection.

Learning objectives

  • Recognize the critical elements required for a successful a new dental practice design project.
  • Identify your trusted advisors, those who are highly experienced and respected in their field
  • Understand how the environment plays a role in how patients discern the kind of care they will receive.


Steve Anderson

President, Denco Dental Construction, Inc.

Inspiring Success: Expand Your Practice Vision

In-person: October 14-5, 2021

This one-and-a-half-day Continuing Education (CE) program offers practical steps and valuable insight to create an optimal practice design and discuss common pitfalls in a remodeling or construction project. Each conference participant will have the opportunity for an individual consultation with Dr. Tholen, where office next steps will be crafted. Follow-up research has shown that doctors who updated their practice experienced an average 38% increase in performance year one and another 38% improvement year two.

Learning objectives

  • Develop a viable, credible practice vision that is financially beneficial and promotes practitioner health.
  • Learn how to maximize your practices’ financial opportunities, while minimizing risks associated with a new office project.
  • Recognize the role of every necessary member of the office project team, and the criteria with which to select them.
  • Learn how to navigate common pitfalls and avoid costly construction overruns with a remodeling or construction plan.


Mark Tholen DDS, MBA

Former CEO of T.H.E. Design, Inc.

Dr. Mark Tholen is the former CEO of T.H.E. Design, Inc., and author of “A Guide to Designing the Elegant Dental or Medical Office…The Largest Marketing Tool of Your Career.” T.H.E. Design was involved with the design and construction of more than 3,000 offices, from which the principles of dental office design described in his book were derived.

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