Introducing Explore Store

Just a few short years ago, the word “app” hardly meant anything to anyone. OK, let’s be honest, it wasn’t even a word. In today’s world, though, apps are synonymous with mobility, efficiency, productivity and fun. Imagine how much further they’ll take us in the next few years.

That’s what we’re doing as we launch the Explore Store. We are imagining where apps will take our industry, our customers and our business. The Explore Store is a new technology marketplace available online and we are pleased to be announcing it at the Greater New York Dental Meeting.

Apps will be a part of Explore Store, and the industry’s future. But that’s not all we’re envisioning from Explore Store. It’s also a central location where dental professionals will be able to find a variety of innovative practice-enhancing resources. Initially, these resources include CAESY Cloud, an online patient education system, and PattLock, a secure online backup service, with additional applications and resources to follow.

CAESY Cloud is an online patient education system available to any dental practice with an Internet connection. Dental staff can access more than 280 multimedia presentations covering a wide range of dental topics including oral hygiene, restorative procedures and periodontal disease. The information can be accessed in the dental office on computers and on a variety of devices including iPads and iPhones.

PattLock is an online backup service that protects and secures patient and practice information. The software uses an Internet connection to transmit data and store it in a safe location. The data, which is backed up at an additional storage center, is securely encrypted and requires a username and password for account and file access. PattLock users can control scheduling and frequency of backups and verify data backup.

CAESY Cloud and PattLock are compatible with most technology currently in use by dental offices and both resources are supported by the Patterson Technology Center.

Check out Explore Store for yourself.