Rewarding Your Dental Patients

Word of mouth marketing is not a new concept. It is just evolving and growing exponentially. What your dental patients say about your office is no longer confined to moments of face-to-face interaction. Social media has made it exceptionally easy to share experiences with virtually everyone in your local community. This increases the need for a rock-solid referral program. Kim McQueen from Patterson Office Supplies outlined a good referral program a few weeks ago. Click here to read more.

One of the key points she discusses is rewarding your dental patients for referrals. Many referrals are happening in the social sphere of the web – why not integrate your reward program with your website? That is exactly what we did when we integrated the Patterson Advantage® program with It is now easy to view exclusive Advantage promotions, view your Advantage account summary and track everything related to your personal Advantage program. For those of you who are not currently Patterson Advantage customers, you can learn more and even enroll right on

Learn more about how we integrated the Patterson Advantage program with by watching the video below. You may pick up a couple of ideas of how you can integrate your patient referral program with your website.