It’s that Time of Year: Process Your End of Year in Eaglesoft

December is full of holiday cheer, music everywhere, lights blinking from afar and the sweet aroma of freshly baked cookies!  This is the best time of year to celebrate 2015 and prepare for another year ahead in 2016.   Along with that preparation should be your Year End processing for your software.

Whether you are new to Eaglesoft or have been using our software for our 21 years, processing End of Year could bring questions to mind on the proper steps.  Let’s review all the information to be sure you are taking the necessary steps to process your End of Year.

First and foremost, make sure you backup your daily, monthly and yearly data and check to be sure all of your data is being backed up.  With version 15 and higher, documentation is included on how to process your End of Year within your computer’s Eaglesoft folder.  To access this information, simply follow this path:

Windows icon in your lower left corner > All Programs > Eaglesoft folder > End-of-Year Documentation

Within the End-of-Year documentation folder, you will find 2 files.  “EOY FAQ” contains our most frequently asked questions regarding the End-Of-Year processing.  The other file, entitled “EOY Instructions,” will show you step by step instructions on how to process your End-of-Year in Eaglesoft.  Our FAQ website, simply accessed within Eaglesoft by choosing the FAQ link on your Front Desk virtual screen or by your drop down menu under Online, will give you very informative answers for your End of Year.  The FAQ website now has simple access from your internet browser by typing in “”  There are 2 very helpful FAQ answers that can aid with your steps on End-of-Year processing.

FAQ #12437:  Eaglesoft 2015 End of Year (EOY) Processing Instructions

FAQ #21676:  EOM and EOY eLearning Series, where you can register for 2 live events that allow you to: 1) Prepare for the End of Year Event and 2) Participate in a live/interactive event which will allow you to follow along and process EOM/EOY at the same time.  These dates have limited registration to ensure personalized assistance, please register now to take advantage of this opportunity.  This FAQ also contains pre-recorded webinars for you to utilize during this time.

Here are some simple steps to follow that are contained in FAQ #12437:

  1. Process your End of Day following your normal EOD procedures.
  2. ***Complete your 3 separate backups, as explained earlier (Daily, Monthly, Yearly)
  3. Set up your preference for SmartDoc for your EOM and EOY reports
  4. Check your SmartDoc Printer Setup (EOY reports, if marked to save in SmartDoc preferences, will save to SmartDoc even when the checkboxes are not checked to print, effective with versions 14 – 17)
  5. Obtain Exclusive Use of Eaglesoft (Recommended)
  6. Process End of Month and End of Year:
    1. Make sure you checkmark to Reset Insurance Balances between 1 and 1
    2. Check Run End of Year with EOM
  7. Check your System Activity Log to confirm EOY has been processed

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of obtaining the proper backups for your End of Year.  Make this a priority on your list (Check it Twice!) for your practice during the holidays.

As always, please contact our support team with any questions you may have prior to processing these important steps in your practice.  Review and utilize our live and recorded webinars and remember to:

Enjoy your holidays!  Happy Holidays, everyone!