GC America Fluoride Varnish: A Perfect Way to Protect Your Patient’s Teeth

Quick, easy-to-use products can optimize compliance in your practice. One prime example is fluoride varnish, which is painted on the teeth versus a fluoride gel or foam used with a fluoride tray.

Among varnishes, GC America Fluoride Varnish offers a number of distinct advantages:


  1. APPLICATION – MI Varnish has no color change when applied to the tooth, and is not tacky or sticky when applied.


  1. ADHESION – GC’s fluoride remains on the tooth longer than other varnishes, increasing the amount of time for the fluoride to work.


  1. FLOWABILITY – GC’s smooth, creamy texture allows for even flow over tooth surfaces and interproximally.


  1. FORMULA – With 5% sodium fluoride and its Recaldent technology, GC’s formula releases higher fluoride, calcium and phosphate ions to protect patients, especially those at risk for cavities.


Young dental patients, ages 0 to 18, are great candidates for fluoride varnish as part of their annual well-child exam. But adults can also be good candidates, especially those with the following risks:

  • Poor oral hygiene
  • Developmental or acquired enamel defects
  • Eating disorders
  • Drug or alcohol abuse
  • Active orthodontic treatment
  • Xerostomia

For adults in high-risk populations, two or more applications of fluoride varnish per year are an effective caries prevention measure.


For more information about GC’s MI Varnish, and to access a special offer, click here.


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