Looking Back While Looking Ahead

It’s an exciting time at Oral Health America, with staff members both looking back at the work we did last year in preparation for our annual report and preparing for the future of our programs. Going through our communications from 2012, it’s uplifting to see the stories of the people who received needed oral health care thanks in part to OHA. From children who were given sealants to prevent future caries to older adults who received dental care they desperately needed, we’re proud of every single healthy mouth we brought to life last year.

The future is just as exciting, though. We’re coming up on this year’s NSTEP® (National Spit Tobacco Education Program) Slogan Contest, which invites Little League baseball and softball players to create a slogan about the dangers of spit tobacco. Going through the entries submitted by children across the country is definitely a highlight for everyone in the office. We’re also looking ahead to this year’s Fall for Smiles campaign, which Patterson generously supports, coming up with new ideas for how to bring the message of the importance of oral health to American families. Through Smiles Across America® (SAA), we’re reaching more and more children every day, supporting programs in the country’s largest cities and smallest towns that bring dental care to students in school-based or school-linked settings. Talking to any one of the people who work for these organizations, you can’t help but be inspired to continue to support what they do. At the other end of the spectrum, we’re launching a national website through the Wisdom Tooth Project® to support older adults and their caregivers with the unique challenges they face when it comes to maintaining good oral health.

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  1. HI there just wondering if you have any more info on the NSTEP® National Spit Tobacco Education Program.. and the science behind the program, please? In Scandinavia they chew this stuff relentless of warnings but there is still no evidence to present to patients..

    thank you!!

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