Love and Dentistry

As I was sitting here thinking about Valentine’s Day and dentistry I decided to write about Passion vs Enthusiasm.  Whether you are thinking about your dental office or your sweetie, if you aren’t passionate or at least enthusiastic, you might not see the results you desire.  Let’s start with our personal relationships.

Now I certainly am not Dr. Phil, actually far from it.  I take a simplistic approach to relationships.  I think the key here is to understand the concept of an Emotional Bank Account taught by the late Dr. Stephen Covey.  The theory is this, if you make regular deposits into a person’s account, when you make a withdrawal, you won’t overdraw the account.  Once you overdraw the account, the relationship will become strained.

So here is one nugget from a simpleton on how to make regular deposits – Put an attractive profile picture on your phone of your sweetie so you see it every time they call.  If you always answer the phone with, “Dang you’re beautiful/handsome,” I am pretty sure you will make lots of deposits and it will lead to a more passionate relationship.

Now how does this apply to your dental office?  I realize that dentistry might not be everyone’s passion, but I hope we can all at least be enthusiastic about it.  If we have neither while we are at the office, this might very well explain lackluster performance.  Demonstrating a passion or being enthusiastic with your patients is one method of making deposits into their accounts.

Have you ever met a super enthusiastic sales person at some retail place that just put a smile on your face and had you saying “yes” to that person?  We all have.  That energy is very contagious.  That passion for what they were selling got you to not only smile but probably purchase something as well.  Can you imagine if every dental office was filled with people like that?  How much would that change the public persona of dentistry?

Here is my challenge to you after you enjoy a great Valentines weekend with your sweetie.  Come into the office excited about life and your practice and thank each and every patient for choosing you.  They could have chosen another practice.

To learn more, watch the video below.