First Stop on the Patient Experience Train: The Dental Lab

Jeremy Stauffer has been in the lab business since graduating high school. It’s what he knows – and what he’s exceptionally good at. And in his time in business, first as a technician and now as co-owner and technician of JacksonFairmont Dental Lab in Fairmont, Minn., Jeremy has seen a number of changes sweep through dentistry.

“When I first started, everything we did was PSMs and gold crowns. With the introduction of Empress all-ceramic, that changed the business tremendously,” Jeremy said. “It’s a tough battle now to keep on top of everything, dentistry’s evolving so fast!”

One of the greatest challenges he’s had to navigate is how patients’ expectations are affecting dentists’ ability to provide the restorations that their customers want in a time frame that gets shorter each year. Thankfully, materials and technologies have evolved, giving technicians like Jeremy more resources to take care of the patients and ensure that their dental customers are staying competitive and in business.

Though he doesn’t frequently have direct interactions with patients, Jeremy is keenly aware of the power he has to positively affect a person’s life through a restoration. “Our focus has always been on the patient,” Jeremy said. “We encourage our technicians to treat each case as if they were making it for their loved ones. Our products have the ability to change a patient’s life by improving their overall health and self-esteem. For us, it’s more than meeting FDA requirements; it’s about exceeding the patients’ expectations and leaving their doctor’s office with a smile on their face.”

Thanks to a strong partnership with Patterson Dental, Jeremy always has partner he can count on, to talk about his business, the latest dental trends or for support on technical issues.

“Maintaining a close relationship with Patterson is key in helping us to meet our goal of providing quality restorations and unsurpassed service,” Jeremy said. “Patterson offers quality products so we can ensure the end product is of the highest standard of materials. Patterson also provides us technical support so we can minimize downtime when we encounter technical issues. That helps us ensure we meet our time commitments to the patients.”

Wherever dentistry is headed, Jeremy’s lab is sure to stay on the cutting edge, thanks to his partnership with Patterson. Make sure you’re ready for the next big thing in dentistry – contact a Patterson representative today!