Mac users – we heard you!

The Patterson Technology Center is excited to announce that as of Monday, July 23 we will be offering support for Eaglesoft software on Macintosh computers. Support will be available to assist our customers with the setup and operation of Eaglesoft on Macintosh computers with the use of either Parallels 7 Desktop for Mac or Boot Camp 3.0 on iMac 27 and iMac 21.5. Eaglesoft version 16.0 and above will be required.

The Eaglesoft Hardware Requirements on have been updated to reflect this operating system update. Please refer to FAQ 16801 to review the limitations of Eaglesoft running on a Mac, and refer to FAQ 16000 for setup information.

If you have additional questions, please contact the Patterson Technology Center.

8 thoughts on “Mac users – we heard you!

  1. I’ve asked Patterson salespeople again and again, yet you never respond. Are Eaglesoft EDRs safer and cheaper than paper dental records?

    What other business in the US successfully ignores customers’ concerns about cost and safety? Are Patterson PR employees just too good to respond to customers’ concerns?

    1. Hi Dr Pruitt, I believe you are commenting on our sponsorship of Dental Products Report’s Paperless Series. This series is intended to help those who are considering going paperless. We recognize that each dental practice is unique, and our intent is to help those considering paperless understand that Patterson offers solutions to help them along on the way.

  2. What about NOT running parallels…. the reasons people want it on the MAC is to avoid WINDOWS. But, your “solution” is not really a true solution because windows has to be run on the mac. Get it?

    How about making a MAC version of Eaglesoft?

    -Dan Kubikian, DMD

    1. Good point! There are plenty of CD’s that can run both Mac and PC without the need to spend money on “bootcamp” or “Windows parallel.” If I wanted a PC with Window’s then I would of bought a PC.

  3. We have have been hearing from many happy customers running Eaglesoft on their MAC computers but we do understand the difference. We are always evaluating additional offerings for our Eaglesoft customers and appreciate your input. Please let us know of any additional features you would like to see in Eaglesoft.

  4. I am a Patterson customer and stockholder. I would love to use Eaglesoft in my office but I am a Mac. I do not want to run Windows on my machines but want to switch from my current software to Eaglesoft. Are there any plans for Eaglesoft to run natively in Mac OSX and if so when would that be? Looking at other software options but could wait for Eaglesoft if I knew it was coming.

  5. We are in the early stages of working on an option for practices utilizing Mac and other non-Microsoft operating systems, but cannot share much detail nor a delivery timeline. Some challenges we see in the Mac space is that many high end digital devices within dentistry are not yet developing drivers which will work outside of Windows, which will make it difficult for us to provide the fully integrated platform that our Eaglesoft users have become accustom to. So, for us, it is more than just developing the software, it is about delivering a fully integrated solution to run all aspects of the practice!

    We hope to be able to share more information soon and appreciate your desire to look at Eaglesoft for your practice

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