Meet the CEREC Guy

If you’ve been to a national CEREC conference in the past 15 years, you’ve likely seen Rich Lake, though you might not have known who he is. Rich is Patterson’s “CEREC guy” and his enthusiasm for the technology is infectious. Get into a conversation with him about CEREC and you’ll come away with a newfound appreciation for the CAD/CAM technology that has changed dentistry.

Since 1997, Rich has worked at Patterson Dental in support of CEREC. I have witnessed his tireless support of the community of doctors who practice CEREC dentistry and he has impressed all of us with his dedication to introducing the technology to as many doctors and patients as possible.

Rich recently accepted a new position at Patterson: CEREC CAD/CAM marketing manager. He and I will be working together to develop and manage the ways in which Patterson supports CEREC. We’ll be looking to you for feedback on what you need to succeed with the technology, whether it be education, marketing materials, technical support or something we haven’t yet thought of.

Next time you see Rich, make sure to congratulate him on his promotion – and give yourself a few extra minutes to “talk CEREC” with one of its champions.

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  1. We would love a class somewhere in Virginia to learn all about doing implant crowns in office. Thanks.

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