Patterson Dental Top 10 by Dave #9

The values of partnership, integrity and innovation have been ingrained in this Company for over 134 years. Those values extend far beyond the walls of our Corporate Office in St. Paul and mean more than providing dental products to dentists. The partnerships we create with our customers and business partners help bring innovations that continuously improve the practice and shape the future of dentistry.

Now, I am definitely not David Letterman. I actually have to give him props for his Top 10 lists. In trying to create one for Patterson Dental, I discovered just how difficult it was to keep my list to just 10. So, here is my attempt. . .

The Patterson Dental Top 10 by Dave

10. Patterson Advantage

9. The Patterson Technology Center

What started as a belief in the possibilities that existed for a dental software package that could seamlessly integrate the front office and back office evolved into a commitment to the dental community to be the industry’s technology leader. But the Patterson Technology Center (PTC) is about much more than technology products. Serving customers from a brand new state-of-the-art facility in Effingham, Illinois, the PTC provides expanded software development, digital technology and call center support capabilities to over 80,000 customers nationwide across the dental, medical and veterinary markets.

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