Welcome to our new Patterson Technology Center

Our Company was founded in 1877 by two brothers who had an idea and opened a small storefront in Milwaukee. Over the years, many other companies were also created from an idea to fill a need. Bill Hewlett and David Packard started a company in a shed in Hewlett’s backyard. Out of a garage in Cupertino, California, sprang Apple Computer…AND in a family room in Effingham, on a cardboard table, EagleSoft, Inc. originated. Scott Kabbes saw a need and had an idea on how to fulfill that need for the dental profession.

With the dedication of the new Patterson Technology Center, we celebrate another chapter of the story that began on a cardboard table. We also celebrate the town of Effingham and the surrounding communities. For this story of success is rooted in – and is also about – the schools, athletic fields, family and friends of this community. Fifteen years ago when Scott and Sue sold EagleSoft to Patterson, we knew we had a special software package. But we also knew there was something special about the culture and people who worked with Scott. The products have continued to evolve and be great, but it has been the people who work at the Patterson Technology Center that have also been our great differentiator.

That is why we have made this multi-million dollar commitment to expand right here in Effingham. In a time when many companies look to move call centers and software development overseas, I can tell you it was never even discussed at Patterson. We are proud to be a part of the greater Effingham community.

Today we serve three markets with products…Dental, Veterinary and Physical Therapy. We support the products of multiple manufacturers. Fifteen years ago, 20 employees served 1,000 customers. Today the nearly 400 PTC employees interact with 80,000 unique customers. We celebrate all that has been accomplished today – but know that this is only the beginning.

Let me close by thanking everyone who worked on this beautiful building; we appreciate your skill and craftsmanship. We appreciate your organizational and planning skills. We thank you for finishing the job ahead of time and on budget. You have created an environment that will serve our customers and employees well for years to come.

We look forward to an exciting future of growth!

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