Patterson Exam Gloves: The Perfect Fit For Your Office

patterson gloves are the perfect fit for your officeA funny thing happens when you find a product that offers both supreme comfort and the right fit: safety and peace of mind come right along with it. For parents, this might be that time you found the perfect car seat for your toddler. For outdoor enthusiasts, this might be the time you found the perfect pair of hiking boots for your upcoming trek. And for dental healthcare professionals, this will be the time when you found the perfect brand of protective gloves for your practice.

The days of stiff, thick nitrile gloves are behind us. They have been replaced by superior product options made from advanced “soft nitrile” technology, which results in a latex-like feel. TactileGuard 3G nitrile gloves have improved fit and feel while providing excellent chemical and barrier protection. Today’s innovative manufacturing technology has allowed for gloves which provide your office and patients with a safer, more comfortable environment than ever before!


Patterson TactileGuard Ultra 3G™ Nitrile Exam Gloves

Be both sensitive and strongPatterson’s TactileGuard Ultra 3G exam gloves are lightweight and flexible so you can handle instruments without worrying about fit. With excellent grip even in wet environments, these gloves are strong enough to provide superior protection from blood borne pathogens, yet comfortable enough for everyday use. (Kind of like the perfect date – strong and sensitive!) They are available in sizes extra-small all through extra-large, furthering our claim that they can truly provide the “perfect fit.”

These gloves allow wearers to experience decreased hand fatigue and increased tactile sensitivity, all without compromising safety. And since they are packaged 300/box and feature smart dispense technology, you can avoid waste and clumping while saving space and money. A premium glove at an economical cost, Patterson TactileGuard Ultra 3G raises the bar for customers.


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A Purchase That Makes You Feel Good, Inside & Out

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It’s not every day that a purchase can make your hands feel good and make your insides go all warm and fuzzy! Patterson Dental donates a portion of all TactileGuard Ultra 3G exam glove sales to “America’s Toothfairy,” a nonprofit organization dedicated to eliminating children’s pain and suffering from preventable pediatric dental disease and improving quality of life for at-risk children. You can read more about this important mission and find out how to get involved, here.


Like A Glove

Still using latex? Still think nitrile gloves are too thick and stiff? Think again. Choose Patterson and the sophisticated technology featured in our TactileGuard Ultra 3G Nitrile Exam Gloves, and you’ll always remember the day you found a product that was the perfect fit for your office. A fit that’s…well…like a glove!

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