Patterson Hardware

At Patterson, we pride ourselves in having everything your dental practice needs to thrive – being a one-stop shop. One of those things is hardware. Your practice needs to have the right hardware to carry your software and digital components.

Our hardware is specifically designed for the dental office from the ground up. The products we carry are not off-the-shelf products you could get at a big box retailer. We make sure they will perform in a dental environment: small form to fit in dental cabinetry; modified chassis on the Workstations to increase airflow in a 12 o’clock cabinet.

Here are some products we offer:

  • Patterson Workstation – Featuring low acoustics and power consumption.
  • Patterson Workgroup Server – Featuring 3 removable hard drive trays, low power consumption and a small footprint. This server is designed for peer-to-peer networking for up to 10 users.
  • Patterson Dedicated Server – Featuring 6 hot-swap hard drive trays and 1+1 redundant power supply. This server can support up to 50 users.
  • Patterson All-In-One Computer – Featuring a 19″ touch screen monitor with a built-in computer and speakers, small footprint and low power consumption.

In addition, our team provides expert installation, service and support on all of our hardware products.