Personal/Professional “Growth” = Business Growth

Okay, so the title of this particular blog post sounds pretty simple, right? Well, it truly is…. Today’s post is a little different than what I’ve submitted to date, but I do believe it is totally relevant in business today. Yes, the concept that personal and professional growth = business growth is pretty simple, but, having said that, I am continually amazed at how many office managers or practice administrators don’t take the necessary time to invest in themselves. I frequently hear, “The doctor won’t pay for that, our office isn’t set up that way, I don’t have time to take that course.” I cringe when I hear these statements.

I’m a business professional. I work in the trenches every day supporting my team, our customers and our business. I understand how difficult it can be to simply take time for yourself. We all know, particularly in this day and age, when we’re all having to do more with less, just getting the day to day completed is sometimes a challenge.

Here’s what I’ve learned: Taking time for me professionally and personally is the best investment I can make not only for me, but for our organization. I’m proud that one of Patterson’s chief cornerstones is to “Grow our People.” I also know that it’s up to me to invest in my future from a professional and personal standpoint. Who knows more about me than me? So the ball is in my court to better myself, and if I choose not to then there is no one for me to point a finger at except me.

So, what is preventing you from taking time out to better yourself? When was the last time you sat in on a professional webinar, read an industry article about an up and coming technology or joined a professional association to network with peers? From a personal standpoint, when was the last time you worked on your hobby, read a good book or spoiled your grandchildren? Remember, you have to decide you are going to put the effort and time in to bettering yourself. You have to believe that this effort is worth it, and I can tell you, once you do, you won’t be disappointed.

At Patterson, we do take pride in growing our people and we also take pride in providing resources to our customers to help them grow as well. We are the proud Diamond Sponsor for the AADOM (American Association of Dental Office Managers). AADOM is an outstanding organization dedicated to helping office managers, practice administrators and benefits specialists grow professionally through a network of resources and peers. In addition, we’ve recently added a new product line, Professional and Personal Development. In this category you’ll find great resources, such as Rise & Shine, a book written by Judy Kay Mausolf, a dental consultant with over 25 years in dentistry. So take some time to better yourself personally and professionally!

3 thoughts on “Personal/Professional “Growth” = Business Growth

  1. This was a great post, Kim! The AADOM is a wonderful organization. I have the privilege to say that I’ve been a member from the beginning and find their help with professional development to be essential. From their website, I also can watch pre-recorded webinars on my own time, which takes the pressure off of having to sit in on a designated time. I also purchased a copy of Judy Kay Mausolf’s book Rise and Shine at the AADOM conference in Nashville. It was a short read packed with a lot of life lessons on how to be a more positive and happy person.

  2. Thanks Angela! Yep, Judy Kay and AADOM are awesome! AADOM has such great resources for front office managers and Patterson is happy to be their Diamond Sponsor! Our job is to continue to find resources to bring to the dental office to help practices grow! Thanks again!

  3. Hi Kim,
    Your words have never rang more true than right now. Staying positive and happy in both your personal and professional life is key to living life to it’s fullest. I am finding myself trying new things now more than ever. Learning about Social Media and how I can enhance the image of our office is my 2012 mission. I am taking every social media course I can to improve my skills. Baby steps, but I am learning 🙂 I also make sure to take out precious time for me and my personal life. A happy balance is all we can ask for. See you in Scotsdale 🙂

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