Grow Your Practice by Getting into the Mouthguard Business

Did you know there are 35 million children between the ages of 5 and 18 who play organized sports in the U.S.? Did you also know the parents of those children spend upwards of 5 billion dollars annually on sports equipment? Want to tap into that well of opportunity? Think mouthguards. Here’s how to do it.

Get the Word Out

Spread the Message - Mouthguard Business

For people to know you sell mouthguards, you’ve got to tell them you sell mouthguards. If you start now, you’ll reach kids (and their parents) just as they plan equipment purchases for the season. RevenueWell customers can accomplish this by simply sending one of the several campaigns already created for them within RevenueWell.  Both email and direct mail campaigns can be sent with a few easy clicks, and success is tracked automatically.

Connect with Local Teams

Connect with local sports teams - Mouthguard Business

Networking with the local sports teams is another great way to increase your mouthguard business. You can find local teams online, or by calling around to schools for contacts. All you have to do after that is reach out with some sort of sponsorship offer in hand. It’s common for dentists to give back 5-10% of sales to the team as a sponsor. You could also get creative and offer same-day fittings for “boil & bite” guards on a day you’re typically closed. Contact media outlets about your sponsorship, and you’ll get publicity to boot.


Personalize - Mouthguard Business
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Local teams have local colors. So, sell to that. The snazzier a team’s guard looks, the more people will wear them – and the more they’ll brag about them. Word spreads fast when one team has branded guards and another doesn’t, so if you cover all bases, don’t be surprised if you soon get calls from competing teams as well.

Keep Your Eye on the Ball

Keep your eye on the ball - Mouthguard Business

Lastly, don’t lose sight of the additional care opportunities that can arise from the increase in patient flow to your office. For one, you’re going to have a captive audience of children (and parents) you may have never seen before — why not enlist them as new patients? Additionally, your pre-fitting visual exam will afford you the opportunity to address concerns about gingivitis, plaque and bite — all issues which could affect the immediate and future effectiveness of the mouthguard being purchased. After all, a clean and healthy mouth will always be a better home for a mouthguard than one that’s not. The time to act is now. You may have no better chance this year for exponential practice growth than you do during sports season.

4 thoughts on “Grow Your Practice by Getting into the Mouthguard Business

  1. I am trying to grow (less than one yr in solo practice) my practice with (of course) new patients; new patients of all age ranges. We currently have a large over 60+ patient pool…please advise as to HOW to market to the surrounding community regarding these great mouth guards.

    1. Hi Tristanne!

      Below are a few of our prior posts that might offer up some advice. Also, if you’re not already a RevenueWell customer, we’d be happy to show you how the system can really make this easy for you!

      You can set up a quick demo here:

      Doc Kane
      Marketing Communications Manager, RevenueWell

      The links! (even though this is directed toward a younger audience, you may find some of the tips relevant.) (it’s about whitening, but applies across the board.)


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