Free Printable 2018 Dental Calendar

free printable 2018 dental calendar

Happy New Year! Hopefully the first week of 2018 has treated you well, and your new year’s resolutions are intact and on track ?. It’s so exciting to have a blank slate these next 12 months to fill with fresh goals, big plans, special trips, and plentiful opportunities to pursue your passions, isn’t it? To successfully bring your 2018 ambitions to fruition, though, you’ll need a way to stay organized – a place to log key dates, times, and appointments. What better place than in the pages of a free, printable 2018 dental-themed calendar?!

2018 dental printable calendar preview

cute printable 2018 dental calendar

We’ve designed a toothtastic calendar that will help you conquer your year in style. Besides an eye-catching design, each month features dental industry events, standard observances like Memorial Day and Daylight Savings Time reminders, as well as amusing celebrations like Improve Your Office Day and World Compliment Day! Scroll below for a preview of each month, as well as the links to download.



january 2018 cover

january 2018 grid

[Click here to download January 2018]


february 2018 cover

february 2018 grid

[Click here to download February 2018]


march 2018 cover

march 2018 grid

[Click here to download March 2018]


april 2018 cover

april 2018 grid

[Click here to download April 2018]


may 2018 cover

may 2018 grid

[Click here to download May 2018]


june 2018 cover

june 2018 grid

[Click here to download June 2018]


july 2018 cover

july 2018 grid

[Click here to download July 2018]


august 2018 cover

august 2018 grid

[Click here to download August 2018]


september 2018 cover

september 2018 grid

[Click here to download September 2018]


October 2018 cover

october 2018 grid

[Click here to download October 2018]


november 2018 cover

november 2018 grid

[Click here to download November 2018]


december 2018 cover

december 2018 grid

[Click here to download December 2018]

Front & Back Cover

printable 2018 dental calendar front cover

printable 2018 dental calendar back cover

[Click here to download the front & back cover]

Pro tip: these funky designs would also make amazing digital desktop backgrounds each month!

free printable 2018 dental calendar image to pin

We hope our free printable calendar inspires you to hit the ground running in 2018, and provides you with a fun and functional space to make note of the things that are most important to you. If you print one, be sure and snap a photo of your calendar in its new home and tag us on social media. And once again, Happy New Year! ??

101 thoughts on “Free Printable 2018 Dental Calendar

    1. Hi Linda, thanks for lovin’ our 2018 calendar! We sure loved making it. We went ahead and printed one up for you, and spiral bound it and all – it’ll be on it’s way to you tomorrow!
      As far as additional copies, you’re welcome to print off as many as you like 🙂 Just click those PDF links at the bottom of each month, and it should be easy to print from there! Enjoy.

      1. Have you made a 2019 Dental Calendar? And if so we would love to have one.

        Family & Implant Dentistry
        1305 Westloop Place
        Manhattan KS 66502

        Thank you!

  1. Do you guys have any that are pre-printed for sale? I’d love one!! My address is

    4010 North Center Street Apt 102
    Hickory, NC 28601

    1. Hi Rachel,
      We don’t have any way to sell pre-printed versions this year, since this was our first “go” at a fun calendar like this, and we wanted to gauge interest!
      We’d be happy to print you a pre-spiraled version and send it your way, though! Thanks for sending your address 🙂 Beyond that, you’re welcome to print out as many additional copies as you’d like!

      1. That would be awesome! Our address is
        Bright Now! Dental
        401 N.E. Northgate Way suite #570
        Seattle WA, 98125

  2. I would like a calendar, a desk top calendar and a wall calendar. Thanks
    My address

    Ana morales
    11092 Anderson st Loma Linda ca 92350

    Thank you

    1. Hi Ana,
      Due to the high demand (which we’re so excited about, by the way!), we can only send one your way, which we’ll be happy to do! Beyond that, you’re welcome to print out as many copies as you like 🙂

  3. Oh please send me a spiraled calendar!! I will post ALL about it on my social media’s….

    Pierce Family Dentistry
    Caroline Poole
    1041 Johnnie Dodds Blvd
    Suite 4A
    Mount Pleasant, South Carolina 29464

    1. Hi Brittany – you mean your office doesn’t have a spiral binding machine? ? Our best bet would be FedEx/Kinkos, but we’d be happy to send you one “on the house-” we appreciate your interest/enthusiasm! What’s your mailing info?

  4. Are we able to get free copies or do we have to print our own? This is sooooo cute, would love it for my op!

    1. A little column A, a little column B, hehe. We’d be happy to send you one for free, pre-bound because we’re just so excited about all the interest and excitement! Beyond that, you’re welcome to print out as many additional copies as you’d like with the free PDFs above 🙂 Send your mailing address pretty please!

    1. Hi Lora, since this was our first “go” at things, we only have the wall calendar version you see above available 🙂 We’d be happy to send you one, if you provide your mailing address. You’re welcome to print out as many additional copies as you like – thanks!

  5. I would love one of these calendars as well! Please let me know if I am able to get one that’s been printed and spiral bound! Thank you!
    -Holli Berki

  6. Hi! I would love a desktop and wall calendar for our office!
    My address is
    40 Mount Jackson Road
    Mount Jackson VA 22842

    1. Hi Jessica! Thanks so much for your interest in, and excitement about, our 2018 dental calendar! We’ll be happy to send one your way, pre-spiral bound 🙂 As far as additional copies, you’re welcome to print out as many as you like with the download links above. Enjoy!

  7. LOVE this calendar! Is there any way to get a pre-printed spiral bound one?
    My address is:
    Sky Traverso
    17 Wood Road
    Chester, NY 10918

  8. I would like a wall calendar!
    Rachel Marraty
    4 university crescent 3230
    Nanaimo BC V9R6C5

  9. Oh my gosh I love the wall calendar! I would love a spiral bound one pretty please!

    Jessica Brenner
    839 Wickford Drive
    Kalamazoo, MI 49009

    Thank you!!

    1. Hi Heather, thanks for commenting and glad you’re enjoying our 2018 dental calendar! We’d be happy to send a pre-printed copy your way if you send your mailing address. Thanks!

  10. Would love a spiral bound calendar for my office!

    South Boston Family Dental
    Christine Joyce
    591 East Broadway
    South Boston, MA 02127

  11. Omg. Love love LOVE this. Please print one and bind it for me! My addy is 1596 Burks Drive. Morrow, GA 30260. Thanks.

    Ngoc Cu, RDH

  12. Hello, I would love a wall calendar! How can I get one?
    My address is
    3100 Brianna Blvd Apt 625
    Sedalia, MO 65301

  13. If you are still sending the spiral bound calendars I would love one! Can I submit info via email somehow ?

  14. Would love to have a wall calendar spiraled and printed for my office as well. Please reach out via email so I can share my address! Love these! Thank you!

  15. My office wants one so bad!!! Can you please send a spiraled one to 120 Center Square Road, Ste. 205, Swedesboro, NJ 08085

  16. Will these be available for order? I’d love to have a personal one and also one for our hygiene clinic!
    PO Box 723 Sebastopol MS 39359

    1. Hi Natalie, we’re so grateful for the positive feedback and enthusiasm and we’re happy to send you a pre-bound copy! Due to the high level of interest, we’re only able to send one, and we don’t have them for sale – so for the additional copy(s) you’re welcome to print out as many as you like using the download links above! Enjoy!!

  17. Hello! I am a Dental Science teacher at a Health Professions high school. I would love one of these calendars in my classroom!!! My students would love it!!
    Thank you!

    My address is:
    Raquel Garcilazo, RDH
    2302 N 21st St.
    Harlingen, TX 78550

    1. Hi Raquel,
      What fun context! We’re happy to send you a copy for your classroom. It’s in the mail! Hope you and the students enjoy – thank you for stopping by our blog and expressing your enthusiasm for this project!

  18. Hello!
    I am a Rad Lab instructor for a DA program and we would love a copy! So exciting to have art incorporate the profession that we love!
    7718 W Pipestone Pl. Phoenix, AZ 85035

  19. Would you be willing to donate 106 of these calendars to me? I am a graduate nursing student in a program and teaming up with an dental professional to educate pre-k students on oral health and had a great idea to give stickers that they could put on a calendar each day/time they brushed. Please assist me as I am not having any luck with companies willing to donate calendars.


  20. Hello! I am a RDH in Florida and I would love to have one of these calendars in my operatory at my office. It’s too cute! I’m sure my fellow co-workers will want one too once they see mine. Could you please mail me one? Thank you so much!

  21. Omg I have to have one!!! These are the cutest! It’s perfect for my operators! If it’s not too much trouble my address is : 4035 Darrow Drive Leland, NC 28451
    You guys should make more office decor stuff ! These were a big hit 🙂

  22. Omg I have to have one of these!it would be perfect for my operatory! ? Since they’re not for sale would it be too much trouble to get one mailed to me? My address is 4035 Darrow Drive Leland, NC 28451. Thank you!!

  23. hello love the calander would i be able to get one mailed to me?

    358 San Diego Ave. El Centro CA 92243

    thank you 🙂

  24. I would love to have one of the calendars for our office!

    Maria LaFauci
    LaFauci Dental Group
    11 East St.
    Middleton, MA 01949

  25. Hi! This is an awesome calendar. I work in a dental office and i would love to hang it on my desk area. Can you send me one?
    10750 W McDowell Rd Suite F-610
    Avondale,AZ 85392
    Thank you!!!!

  26. I would love one if it isn’t too late!! I am graduating May 25 and would love one to take to my office with me 🙂

    124 North Ridge Drive
    Madison, MS 39110

  27. This is so cute!!! I would love to get a copy to show off!
    My address is below
    PO Box 37
    Goldston NC 27252

    Thank you!!

  28. I’m a recent graduate (RDH in the House!) and this is sooo cute!! Could I get a copy mailed to me? And I hope you are doing this again next year!!

    1. Hi LeiLeighann, Great question! The answer is…YES! We’re hard at work designing a 2019 calendar, and will be sure to keep you updated when it is released. We’ll also be updating our social pages with this info, so you’re welcome to follow us there as well 🙂 Thanks!

  29. Super excited about the 2019 calendar! Any idea when it will be posted on your website? Thanks so much!

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