Realizing Dental Philosophies

It all started with a question: “What is your dental philosophy?”

If you ask this question of a member of any dental practice, you’ll get a different answer. And while there is no right or wrong response, there are similarities in between.

Two themes emerge more than any other – a focus on the patient experience and practice lifestyle. Almost everyone in a practice, when asked about their dental philosophy, will speak to how the patient feels walking in or out of their dental practice and the business lifestyle their team leads in between.

As simple as those ideas are, it’s a great building block on what we all have in common. At its heart, dentistry’s most important jobs focus on enhancing patient satisfaction and improving practice methodology. We decided it was time to take that to heart.

We started talking to doctors to see what thrills them about their career. We asked about their feelings on the patient experience. We stripped dentistry down to its base philosophy and, through the eyes of our customers, fell in love with it all over again.

At the end of the day, you want healthy patients and a healthy practice. We believe that by keeping our focus on enhancing the patient experience and improving the practice lifestyle, Patterson gives practices the power to change lives.

View the video below to see how Dr. Darcy Rindelaub changes lives. Over the next few months, you’ll meet several more doctors and members of their practices who’ll talk about the power to change lives. And we encourage you to share your stories of changing lives with us – here, on our social media channels including Facebook and Twitter, and by visiting