Complete Restoration in Less Than an Hour With VITA Enamic [Video]

VITA Enamic 43 minute restoration videoSame day, same appointment dentistry. Once something patients (and dentists!) could only dream of, now a reality. Need proof? Dr. Daniel Vasquez of Oceanside, California swears by his CEREC technology, and is featured in a newly released 6-minute video. The video shows how Vasquez is able to use VITA Enamic® blocks to complete a restoration on a patient from start to finish, in less than one hour. We repeat: Shade measuring, numbing, prepping, scanning, crown designing, milling, polishing, etching, and bonding, is all completed in 43 minutes!

Does this high speed lead to a decrease in quality? Nope! In Vasquez’s words,

“There’s a wow factor from every single patient every single time. And when they feel it, they say it feels nice and smooth…they like it! I haven’t had a failure with Enamic so far in the three years I’ve been placing them.”

See for yourself by watching the procedure below:

We’re particularly mesmerized by the high-tech milling process – it’s just like a 3D printer!


vita enamic blocks VITA Enamic® Blocks – Shop

These blocks are the first of their kind, in that they are made of a hybrid material that combines the best properties of both traditional ceramic and composite materials. You can browse our complete selection by following the shop link above – they are available in a variety of sizes and translucency levels.

For additional information on performing restorations with CEREC CAD/CAM technology, stop by THIS RESOURCE PAGE on our website.