Sneak Peek at New Eaglesoft Release

I’m proud to give you a sneak peek at one of the great new features from Eaglesoft 17 and Patterson Imaging 17 for release this summer: Dolphin 3D imaging tools will be included as a part of both the Eaglesoft Imaging module and Patterson Imaging software. These features will benefit any of you who have 3D imaging products in your office or receive 3D images from other providers.

If you currently own a 3D imaging device, you will still acquire your images using the software that is provided with your device but, once the image is acquired, you can open the image directly from Eaglesoft or Patterson Imaging software. In the highly acclaimed Dolphin 3D Image Viewer, you will be able to view the image, manipulate the image, create different views of the image and save the image and views as a part of your patient record within Eaglesoft or Patterson Imaging. The image will then be readily available to include in your Eaglesoft treatment plan presentation and is stored as part of your complete patient record.

If you do not own a 3D imaging device, you will still be able to take advantage of this feature by importing any DICOM image sent to your practice into Eaglesoft for viewing in the Dolphin Viewer.

This integration is just one more way that Eaglesoft and Patterson Imaging are working to keep the use of digital products simple and accessible to everyone.

For more information, keep reading this blog as we will mention more good features coming to you this summer in Eaglesoft 17.

3 thoughts on “Sneak Peek at New Eaglesoft Release

  1. 3D imaging support sounds fantastic. I look forward to being able to share our 3D imaging with other providers using Eaglesoft. Can you share any information about an iPad supported clinical user interface? What about a Fast Check-In App? It is time Eaglesoft gets past recommending a RDP connection and delivers a direct user interface for iOS devices like other leaders in the industry.

  2. Fritz, I really am very excited about the 3D imaging feature in Eaglesoft 17. Glad you are too.
    In regard to the iPad interaction with Eaglesoft we have some mobile funtionality in Eaglesoft 17 that will work with any device that will connect to the internet. More information to come……

  3. I agree with Fritz Soberay, 3D imaging support sounds fantastic.
    What would get me really excited would be if Eaglesoft 17 would support email with IMAP protocol. We would like to think of our office as being on the cutting edge on technology. Are you ready for this? Starting this month, all our employees are required to email our patients. 🙂

    We went with Google Apps for business, to handle our email, for a variety of reasons. I would love to be in Eaglesoft, and push one button, to send out an email to our patients from google apps.

    Here is the template for our email that we are currently using

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