The Future of Sterilization: SciCan G4 Series

Dental sterilization has never been more important. It’s a responsibility based on trust that patients put in their dentist every time they step into their practice. And all of us know there is no greater trust than trusting someone with their personal and family’s health.

So how do you repay that kind of trust? At Patterson we believe that means serving them with the best sterilization products and practices. We take pride in being able to be the ones who get to help establish and deliver on those responsibilities. It’s due to this privilege that we take special interest in developments in sterilization technology. One example of a product embracing new tech developments is the SciCan G4 series.

Through dramatically upgrading the SciCan G4 series Statim and instrument washer with data collection and offsite data storage, today’s sterilization is more modernized and measurable than ever. By using the G4 Ethernet connection, staff can instantly view current status as well as view or print a cycle from a cloud-based server that houses every cycle ever run. As software upgrades become available, online firmware updates are initiated, to keep you as up to date as possible. Should the G4 need attention, diagnostic information is sent to pre-selected dealer reps to drastically reduce downtime and ensure full functionality.

It’s trust in sterilization, because that’s something everyone supports improvement on.