Virtual Visits: Teledentistry to Serve Patients Remotely

RevenueWell recently announced its newest feature, Virtual Visits. This is a teledentistry solution that enables dental practices to serve their patients remotely — because great patient care shouldn’t be confined to the office.

The Immediate Need for Teledentistry

The shift toward teledentistry and virtual dental care has grown in popularity for several years.

Now, with the COVID-19 pandemic occupying the collective headspace of the dental industry, and the entire world, teledentristy has gained newfound importance.

Amid this global pandemic, teledentistry is not just for practices rethinking their business model but is instead a necessary tool for providing the same level of care to patients, without the risk of an in-person visit.

As a result of this global health crisis, many of RevenueWell’s customers were mandated to temporarily halt elective treatments and have cut back their schedules to only accept emergency appointments.

However, without means to effectively triage their patients to determine what requires immediate attention, it creates a significant burden and challenge for doctors.

Introducing Virtual Visits

RevenueWell’s latest feature in support of teledentristy—Virtual Visits—is housed completely within the RevenueWell platform.

With this new HIPAA-compliant feature, doctors can quickly arrange a video call with their patient to deliver remote consultation in real time. As a result, doctors are not only more accessible to their patients, there is also a tremendous reduction in the overhead and risk of non-essential visits.

How Virtual Visits work

We’ve provided two distinct flows from which you can launch a Virtual Visit. One is through the Patient Portal; the other is through RevenueWell Messenger. Here’s how each method works.

Virtual Visits in the Patient Portal

First, go to the Patient Portal for your selected patient. From there, click the new video icon in the left navigation bar.

After selecting “Get Started,” you’ll receive a unique URL or Room ID code that enables a private and secure connection between you and the patient.

Simply email or text your patient the unique link or the URL with the Room ID code, and then begin your Virtual Visit.

Virtual Visits in RevenueWell Messenger

First, click into a conversation with a patient in RevenueWell Messenger. Then select the video icon in the top navigation bar in the patient’s profile screen.

After selecting “Get Started” in the pop-up screen, you can simply text the patient a link with a customized message to begin the session.

Please note that there could be some browser restrictions depending on the operating system you and the patient are using. Check out these help docs to ensure you and your patients have the right browsers.

Teledentistry Laws & Relations

Finally, we know that many states have been relaxing some restrictions for dental practices in those states who are dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, you should verify with your states dental regulatory board to determine whether there are any restrictions on teledentistry. Likewise, you should verify whether those restrictions have been relaxed.

If you’re a RevenueWell customer, you can give Virtual Visits a try here — at this time, it’s totally free to get started. And please share how you like it on the RevenueWell Rockstars Facebook Page.

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If you’re not yet a member of the RevenueWell family, click here to talk with their team so we can get teledentistry up and running in your practice.

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