3 Educational Videos for Dental Implant Patients

It’s easy to understand why patients facing a tooth implant can be confused. There are so many things to consider.  How is the implant placed? What are alternative treatments? How many appointments will I need? Things can seem to get complicated rather quickly. Patients need information to have the opportunity to make a well-informed decision that is best for them. You can help ease their anxiety by providing the sound advice your patients need. CAESY serves your practice and your patients’ needs with doctor-approved content that informs your patients in a way that gets them asking the important questions about their dental health.

These videos are examples of what you can share with patients to start or educate them on different questions or concerns they might have related to implants.

Video 1 – Implant Alternatives

When a patient has a tooth extracted it may have solved one problem and the patient may believe the treatment ends there. The patient needs to see beyond this first step and learn what options they have to restore the mouth and why it is important to do so. Lack of information and fears of cost and long-term maintenance can prevent patients from even being amenable to implants. Let them know treatment is necessary for any missing teeth and that it will in fact have a long-term positive impact on their lives.

Video 2 – Implant Procedure

Patients need to know more than just what to expect before and after the procedure. Filling them in on the details of what they will be experiencing on the day of their implant surgery can bring great relief, especially when they’ve been anxious about the treatment itself. Showing the procedure step-by-step with clear instructions can make the overwhelming seem manageable.

Video 3 – Post-op Implant Surgery

Make sure your patients go home with all the information they need for a speedy recovery. CAESY implant presentations include three separate post-op videos. Every presentation focuses on the specific needs and the considerations each procedure presents for your patients. With this powerful information at their fingertips, your patients will never have to worry about what to do again, and will be empowered to ask questions about and confidently accept the treatment they deserve.

Dispelling myths and answering questions will help a confused and reluctant patient become well-informed and empowered. Use CAESY along with your specialized skill and knowledge to help patients learn and understand all the ways you have at your disposal to help them have healthy mouths. Patterson reps and CAESY specialists are ready to bring your practice and your patients the information they deserve.

Check out a full list of the patient education videos CAESY has to offer, and preview any of them here.