5 Ways to Increase Revenue with Patient Recall Software

With the end of the year approaching, now is a great time to take inventory at your practice regarding patients and your schedule. Is your schedule full through the remainder of the year? Do you have opportunity to connect with patients that have remaining insurance benefits and unscheduled treatment? Is your team able to quickly act on these opportunities and work smarter and not harder?

One way to work smarter is by putting patient engagement software to work for you. Use the automated recall feature to get more patients in the door and remind them of remaining insurance benefits available or if they are overdue for an appointment. Here are five tips for rocking your recall system and increasing your revenue without adding a whole lot of extra work for your team.

1. Send recall reminders for preventive care

Many preventive care procedures are covered by insurance. These procedures are a great way to keep your schedule full and keep patients healthy at the same time. Send recall reminders to patients who need a dental cleaning. Remind patients that preventive care appointments are instrumental in maintaining a healthy smile and in early diagnosis of conditions that are best treated sooner rather than later.

2. Send recall reminders to patients with unscheduled treatment

Tailor your automated recall text and email reminders to patients with specific unscheduled treatment. For example, contact your dental patients who can benefit from crowns, tooth whitening or root planning. Whatever the case may be, targeting patients with specific treatment needs is a great way to make recall work for you and get more patients into your practice on days when your schedule may be slower than usual.

3. Focus on high profit-margin procedures

Target communication to patients with procedures that yield a high profit but require fewer resources from your team. Focus on these procedures when you send out automated recall reminders to generate more revenue – again, without adding more work for everyone involved.

4. Reach out to all your patients who are overdue for care

A good automated recall system can sort patients by how overdue they are for necessary treatments, preventive care, exams, and screenings. Text or email these patients at regular intervals to remind them that their health is important to your practice. Let them know you have appointment available when it’s convenient for them to come in.

5. Automate, automate, automate

If we haven’t said it enough, consider this a friendly reminder to automate your recall program. Get back to the whole concept of working smarter, not harder! Once you set up an automated system and choose your strategy for identifying different groups of patients who need to get back to your practice, you’ll save yourself and your team a ton of time. Then you can all focus on other things – like providing the best possible patient experience for everyone in the office, or sending out educational emails, or taking some time off for some holiday shopping!

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A version of this blog post originally appeared on the Solutionreach blog.