Lisa Marie Spradley
Front Desk Lady - TCB Dental Consulting

Lisa Marie Spradley, FAADOM, the Front Desk Lady, works in the dental front office and has done so for almost 20 years. She understands the struggle to put the patient’s needs first while still taking care of the business of the front office. As a speaker and consultant, she trains the dental team to focus on the patient, which leads to more production and increases in-office referrals. Lisa is a published author, having written articles for industry publications such as Dentistry IQ, The Dental Geek, AADOM Observer and AGD Impact. She is the 2014 Office Manager of the Year, a lifetime member, Fellow and Ambassador of the American Association of Dental Office Managers (AADOM).
Clock Watching

Time clock management, it’s one of the least desirable jobs as an office manager.  Fortunately most team members understand the importance of clocking in and out responsibly.  Unfortunately, there are always those who frequently forget to do one or both …
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