3 Reasons Patients Love Technology

Looking to invest in state-of-the-art technology to improve patient care and increase production? Fearful of how your practice can afford it? Take heart! Using proper training and great communication skills, front office team members can speak to patients knowledgeably and help practices quickly see a return on their investment.

Who doesn’t love progress? Catering to the patient’s love of technology and desire for self-improvement can help the dental team schedule treatment again and again.

Here are 3 reasons patients love technology:

Finding Time

Finding time to schedule an appointment can be challenging for today’s busy patient. Now add to that the need to schedule multiple appointments and chaos ensues. This is when a CEREC system can be invaluable. It allows patients to schedule everything in one day and gives more time in the dental team’s busy schedule for other patient appointments.

Money Matters

Money matters are always an important factor when scheduling or not scheduling needed dental treatment. Another great advantage of the CEREC system is eliminating costly outside lab expenses. Share this savings with the patient and show them the value of treatment done in-office.

It’s All In The Details

Small details are crucial in dentistry. Milling crowns in-office allows the dental team to match the fit and shade of the new crown exactly to the patient’s existing dentition. Have the clinical team obtain consent and then take before-and-after pictures of your patients. Make a scrapbook of these pictures and keep it in the consultation room so that the scheduling coordinator can refer to it when discussing and scheduling recommended treatment with new patients. Show patients how much attention to detail matters!

Sharing these benefits makes it easier for patients to schedule and helps the dental practice afford the best technology to better serve their patients. Because EVERYONE loves to save time, money and receive the finest treatment possible!