Backing What We Say, Since the Beginning

We back what we say. It’s what Patterson leaders have taught us since the company started in 1877.

At Patterson, we have a history of focusing on clients. It’s been an integral part of our culture since the Patterson brothers opened that first Milwaukee drugstore. Those of us who have been with the company for years have seen it in action, from the local branches to the corporate office.

In the previous weeks, you’ve learned a little more about Patterson culture and everything we offer. You’ve heard from Paul Guggenheim, president of Patterson Dental, and my fellow vice presidents. What we would like you to know is that being client focused is not simply a company line being offered up. This focus really is a nationwide philosophy. We can talk about it, which we’re happy to do, but where you really see and feel this focus is through your interaction with branches. It’s all about the local teams supporting your dental practice each and every day.

Our decentralized model means Patterson leadership is based on a simple premise: Give your employees sufficient resources to achieve success, and get out of their way. It’s the local touch of Team Patterson knowing your business and neighborhood that leads to superior satisfaction. Thinking big and acting small is important. Jack Shea, my first branch manager nearly 17 years ago, used to say “It’s the little things” – the attention to details – that make a big difference with clients.

Locally is the best way we could think of to help the many practices Patterson serves. Being passionate about the local touch and the attention to details is critical to Patterson’s success. We are sincere when we tell you that we’re looking to support your success and standing behind what we say!

Thank you and Happy New Year!