Changing Attitudes, One Patient at a Time

Despite specializing in one procedure, endodontic practices see very different cases and unique needs among their patients.

That’s why Jennifer Canizaro loves her job. Jennifer, the office manager at Endodontic Specialists in Metairie, La., sees patients’ attitudes shift when their unique needs are met. “We say all the time, ‘I wish we had a recorder at the checkout desk,’ because so many people tell us it was so much easier than they thought it would be.”

The attitude shift starts when Jennifer and her fellow staff members view and treat each patient differently. Whether it’s emotionally, clinically or both, every patient has his or her own needs, and finding ways to meet them is what makes Endodontic Specialists successful.

With Patterson’s partnership, Jennifer finds she always has what she needs to provide that standard of care. Ultimately, there is one goal that Jennifer keeps in mind no matter what she does.

“At the end of the day, we make patients happy,” she said. See Jennifer’s story. Then, share yours.

One thought on “Changing Attitudes, One Patient at a Time

  1. A great article to read and this is so true; and I can relate to her just as well. As healthcare workers, we make the patient feel comfortable, an experience that should last their lives as they continue to brush and care for their teeth. We want them to!

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