Cultivating Success

The growing season for corn in central Indiana begins well before any kernels hit the dirt. Weeks of spring fieldwork, including tilling, herbicide applications and fertilizer incorporations, prepare the ground for planting. Finally, in late April, farmers sow the seeds for the year’s crop. Their toil and determination in April ensure an abundant harvest in October.

While attending college in Indiana, I developed a deep appreciation of the important roles agriculture and farming play in our survival. We often take for granted shelves and displays full of fresh produce at our local supermarket. Many of us fail to consider the extensive and fragile process those fruits and vegetables represent.

As motivated, ambitious individuals, we constantly crave quick success or “supermarket” success. We desire the harvest, but loathe the fieldwork. Success, like an abundant harvest, requires the toil of preparation. Believe in your success and prepare for it.

Stay positive throughout the process of cultivating success. Embrace the desire to succeed, remain confident in yourself and trust your vision. Strive to do the right things, the right ways, for the right reasons, and believe that hard work and persistence produce successful results.

4 thoughts on “Cultivating Success

  1. Great piece Kev, there’s a lot of truth here. The keys are to stay motivated and positive and to also remember that if one will only find true happiness in the end, if the means to that end are fulfilling as well.

  2. Another wonderful piece. Reminds us all to embrace the process as we work towards our goals. Keep up the great writing, Kev!

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