Deborah’s Story

After 56-year-old Deborah was hit by a drunk driver in 1991, she had brain surgery that left her with lingering seizures and problems with memory, concentration and balance. She also suffered from painful dental decay and infection. With no insurance, and a disability check that barely covers her monthly expenses, Deborah had nowhere to turn to get the dental treatment she urgently needed. Thanks to Donated Dental Services (DDS) volunteer dentist Dr. Sara Droker, Deborah received the dental care she needed to restore her dental health as well as hope and dignity.

While volunteers generously donate their time and materials, funding is still needed to support their work and provide patient screening and referral and care coordination throughout each case. That’s where Patterson Dental’s sales of DentaCheques come in! DentaCheques is one of Dental Lifeline Network’s largest sources of funding for DDS. Each book that is sold generates $1,300 in dental care for people in desperate need. With a purchase price of just $149, dentists can save hundreds and even thousands of dollars on products they currently buy or would like to try. It’s really a no-brainer!

Ordering DentaCheques 2012 books is simple. Just contact your Patterson Dental territory representative and add a book (or books!) to your next order. To find out more about the programs of Dental Lifeline Network and how you can help, please visit