Eaglesoft Tip of the Month: Using InContact for Enhanced Efficiency

One of my favorite features, InContact is an interactive contact manager that makes keeping track of patients an effortless task. InContact allows you to store different groups of patients based on any criteria you choose. Once patients have been added to InContact, you have an electronic means to:

  • Work reports (such as delinquent accounts or overdue recare) without any paper!
  • Track phone calls and patient responses
  • Have all pertinent patient information available on the same screen (no clicking back and forth!)
  • Generate single or bulk mailings (letters, postcards, labels)

InContact is a feature that is integrated with other Eaglesoft modules so it can be accessed from several places. The easiest and most convenient way to access InContact is to click on the telephone icon from the Eaglesoft front desk view. InContact can also be accessed from several reports, the Recall Wizard and The Money Finder.

I encourage you to try working your next report through InContact. I like to suggest you print a contact list before you start working your report and another one once you are done to show your efforts. InContact allows you to add notes and update statuses so you can keep track of the patients within the list. The list can be easily sorted (by clicking on a column heading) or filtered at any time. For example, let’s say I’ve finished working a report and there were several patients I was unable to contact. I can come back in later, filter by status and have a precise list of those patients I still need to contact.

The right-click menu within InContact makes it even more useful because I can access their Account or Edit Patient screen to review or make necessary modifications. If you are working an accounts receivable report and a patient wants to make a partial payment, you can right-click on their name, select Account, post the payment, close out of the account window and move on to the next patient in the list. No longer having to search for patients is a tremendous time saver!

Our incredible support team has created a very short (only 17 minutes!) webinar session to help you get started using InContact today. The recorded webinar can be accessed on FAQ 6723. Or, if you prefer please call our support hotline and speak with a live specialist at 1.800.475.5036.

If you are already using InContact and would like to share tips and tricks of your own, please feel free to comment below. We would love to hear from you! If not, I hope you find a way to implement InContact into your practice soon!