Eaglesoft Tip: Quick Report Batches

Ah reports! Is there any topic more fun than this one? You might think I’m being sarcastic but I’m typing this right now with a huge smile on my face because reports get me super excited! I know that sounds silly, but your reports can tell you SO much about your practice. The data contained within your reports will help you become more productive, so it’s important to process and use them to analyze and manage your practice.

Eaglesoft has over 200 reports and we use a unique tab interface which allows you to quickly find the reports needed by category (Financial, Insurance, Patients, etc.). Individual reports can be added to the ‘My Favorites’ tab which allows fast access to the most frequently used reports and  ‘Quick Report’ batches allow you to create a customized grouping of reports, pre-filtered for the fastest access.

Think about what reports you want to see every day, every week or every month and consider creating Quick Report batches for these reports. The entire batch can quickly be processed with one click, instead of having to individually process each report. This is an enormous time saver and pre-filtering reports can also help reduce user error during processing.

To create a Quick Report batch:

  1. In the reports listing, right-click the desired report. To create a new Quick Report, select Add this report to a new Quick Report. The New Quick Report window appears.
  2. Enter a Description (i.e. Jenny’s End of Month Reports) and select OK.
  3. Select theQuick Reports tab. AllQuick Reports that you have created will be listed by the description name. Select the Edit Report button to see a list of all reports contained within the Quick Report batch.
  4. To add additional reports to an existingQuick Report, right-click the report and select Add this report to an existing Quick Report. Select theQuick Report to which you wish to add the selected report.
  5. Select the Preview checkbox to preview the selected report prior to printing.

Hint: Previewing reports prior to printing allows you to a) further filter or sort that report (different reports have different filter/sort options), b) send the report to SmartDoc for a patient, practice or provider and c) right-click on the report preview and select ‘Save Data As’ to export the report data to an Excel spreadsheet (for further manipulation/customization, etc.).

If you would like to learn more about Eaglesoft or need help creating Quick Report batches feel free to contact one of our helpful support specialists at 800.475.5036 or reach out to a local Technology Advisor today.