Employees Give Back Through Patterson Foundation Casual Week

Today wraps up the final day of Patterson Foundation Casual Week – the Company’s first philanthropic event uniting employees across our dental, veterinary and rehabilitation supply businesses and every Patterson location across the globe. Employees dressed casual this week in return for a $5 donation to the Foundation, which funds human services and education programs related to the dental, veterinary and rehabilitation fields and helps underserved people live healthier lives.

This unique opportunity goes hand in hand with the Company’s culture of helping people in need. Encouraging employees to be involved with raising funds for charities is a big part of this commitment. Total Casual Week donations aren’t tallied yet, but with thousands of employees worldwide participating, the Foundation will be well positioned to do even more good in our communities.

We’re also celebrating two Foundation milestones: more than $4 million awarded to programs and nonprofit organizations since it began awarding grants in 2004; and over $1 million in Foundation scholarships that have helped make higher education more affordable for Patterson families around the world.

To give you a little background on the Patterson Foundation … it formed in 2000 when Patterson’s chairman, Pete Frechette, and other executives acted on their desire to give back. While the Foundation is separate from Patterson Companies business operations and charitable giving, its board includes individuals who are affiliated with Patterson Companies. You’ll find more information about the Patterson Foundation at www.pattersonfoundation.net.