8 Common Mistakes Managers Make (Part 7)

Mistake #7 – Leading the Group

A common mistake made by managers is assuming they can lead the group. The group being led is certainly the outcome you are working towards, but to build your leadership strategy based on economies of scale is a mistake. Leadership is about creating one-on-one connections with every member of your team, one at a time. While leadership appears as group leadership, it is really about inspiring individuals. Inspired individuals tend to gather around the person who inspired them. If you can inspire every member of your team, you will find yourself leading the group.

To connect with every member of your team you need to understand what they value in their employment relationship. Many, myself included, refer to this as motivation. Rewards, personal growth, security and teamwork are just a few universal motivators that employees value. Each member of your team is unique and lives in a unique set of circumstances, both professionally and personally. The better you understand that “uniqueness,” the more likely you are to inspire that individual.