Enhance the Patient Check-In Process

Implementing technology to improve the patient experience and applying the most appropriate technologies to simplify processes is something I help dental offices do every day. Eliminating paper, clipboards and manual data entry of patient forms is one incredibly simple way to increase the level of patient care in your office. This one change will save valuable time, minimize data entry errors and expedite the appointment process.

Fast CheckIn is a self-service kiosk designed to decrease check-in time for patients. Fast CheckIn directly interacts with Eaglesoft, which means any forms completed or signatures acquired automatically update in Eaglesoft. Fast CheckIn can even be set up to alert the staff when the patient is ready to be seen by their provider. If necessary, multiple kiosks can be set up, which will allow more than one patient to check in at the same time.

The Fast CheckIn software is part of Eaglesoft; there is no additional module to purchase. All you need to get started is a desktop computer, laptop, or even a tablet if you prefer1. I prefer Patterson’s all-in-one PCs for their small footprint and 19-inch touch screens. However, even with touch screens, I typically recommend adding a keyboard and mouse for those patients unfamiliar with the technology.

Once you have your kiosk in place and Fast CheckIn installed, the next step is to configure your preferences. The Fast CheckIn preferences will determine what information is reviewed and/or updated by patients during the registration process. Anything you currently have on paper can be completed and if necessary, signed electronically through Fast CheckIn.

  • Patient Demographics
  • Medical History (customizable)
  • HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices (customizable)
  • HIPAA Authorization (customizable)
  • HIPAA Consent
  • Your Custom Documents (i.e., your office financial policy, consent forms, etc.)

Patient satisfaction is important to us, just like it is to you. Utilizing Fast CheckIn technology allows patients to be seen sooner and makes the front office staff more productive. Let us help you make the right impression in your reception area today. For more information and step-by-step setup and usage instructions, visit our FAQ page or call us at 1.800.475.5036 to speak with a knowledgeable and friendly specialist.


1. Please review the hardware requirements on FAQ 5073 for supported workstations and tablets.

2 thoughts on “Enhance the Patient Check-In Process

  1. My mom’s dentist uses Fast CheckIn. It is inconvenient and annoying if the patient has poor eyesight. My mom wouldn’t be able to use it herself – being of the generation who never used computers. I check her in and I’m 62 with tri-focals. Fast CheckIn is torture. I have to pick up the computer and fumble with the stylus. The screen is minute. I asked the receptionist to enlarge it and she couldn’t. I guess there’s no large print version. I dislike my Fast CheckIn experience immensely. It was particularly awful filling in all the tiny lines for her initial visit.

  2. I am sorry to hear of your experience with Fast CheckIn. I understand, tiny fonts can be very frustrating. In my experience, offices who are using Fast CheckIn on supported terminals do not have this issue. Do you know what type of machine Fast CheckIn was installed on? We would be happy to reach out to the office and help them adjust their display settings. Please feel free to email me the office information or ask them to call us at 800-465-5036. Thank you.

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