Facebook for Dentists: Engagement Idea #191 – Feature Team Members

We see this time and time again …

Of all the various things that can increase engagement on your practice’s Facebook page, featuring team members is usually one of the clear winners.

In connection with the release of the new Superman movie, as part of our Daily Kickstart Ideas, we recently emailed our clients a downloadable Superman logo that they could quickly print and use for taking photos of team members to post on their Facebook walls. The engagement was awesome for hundreds of practices:

Engagement Examples

Brainstorm ways with your team for getting them more connected to your patients and prospective patients on your Facebook page. People like doing business with people they KNOW and like. Let your team members’ personalities shine through, then watch the Likes, comments and shares on your Facebook page soar. Be consistent, and go for it.

Have you had success featuring team members on your Facebook page? Thanks for sharing your own ideas with all of us below!

3 thoughts on “Facebook for Dentists: Engagement Idea #191 – Feature Team Members

  1. It is hard to get engagement with purely dental educational posts from our experience, but that does not mean we shy away from them as it’s part of our preventive philosophy. Our patients love to see inspirational and motivational quotes, photos of our day-to-day interactions in the office, other patients who have had birthdays or anniversaries or have brought us treats, work anniversaries of our team members, etc. Our philosophy is that we see our patients on average twice a year, so we need to bring them into the family through social media to personalize our team members and make them more relatable. This fosters trust, relationship, and makes their visits so much more fun when they have things to talk about from what they’ve seen online!

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