Get More Facebook Likes, Comments and Shares With These Challenges

These days every dental practice using Facebook is looking for more effective ways to get Likes, comments, and shares on their posts.

Download These 5 Free Challenges… They Work!

These proven social media “challenges” are fast and easy, fun for your team, and super engaging for your patients and prospective new patients. You can download the materials, links, and examples by clicking on the image below:

Get more Facebook Likes

Support Each Challenge Inside Your Practice

By now you know… Effective social media marketing doesn’t always start online. It often starts inside your practice, face-to-face with your alpha audience—your valued patients—then spreads online. So, as you roll out these challenges, don’t just depend on your online posts. Train your team to ask every patient who walks through your door to participate in the challenges. You have a captive audience and they already love you! Most of them also have their phone in their pocket or purse and are willing to snap a photo with a team member and post it to their own social media accounts.

Consider Boosting Your Best Facebook Content

Two months ago on this blog, I talked with you about a new, two-part Facebook effectiveness strategy.

Part one encourages you to consider boosting your Facebook posts that have the greatest likelihood of being shared. These five challenges are definitely the kinds of posts you should consider boosting.

Part two talks about expanding your practice’s online footprint by utilizing tools like Instagram and email. These five challenges are also the type of content that you should consider posting to Instagram. Also consider emailing the challenges to your existing patient base with links to the Facebook posts.

Let us know how your challenges go! And if you have questions, please comment below. Good luck!

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