Hands-On Learning with CAD/CAM Technology

The very nature of dentistry is kinesthetic learning and application. As a dentist, you are a master at working with your hands and they are important tools of your trade as much as an explorer, handpiece, dental chair or anything else in the operatory.

The same is true when it comes to dental technology. Over the last decade or so, Patterson has hosted thousands of CEREC Beginning Orientation courses and events across the country designed to educate dentists on CEREC technology. In this arena, there is overwhelming evidence that the majority of dentists prefer hands-on training to traditional lecture style learning. Having the opportunity to sit down at a machine, take digital impressions, design cases and interact with a colleague who has successfully integrated the technology into his or her practice is invaluable.

You’ve heard the old saying “You learn best by doing.” CEREC owners have told us repeatedly that once they did their first 20 restorations, whether some were on a model or an actual case, they really felt like they were able to gain better control of their dentistry.

So whether you are investigating CAD/CAM technology or you just invested in it, Patterson has many hands-on style programs and workshops that will demonstrate how this exciting technology can benefit you, your practice and your patients.