The Importance of Your Data

I’m the IT support for my parents. Every time I travel to northern Minnesota, my parents have a list for me to help them with. Be it the DVD player not working (make sure it’s plugged in) or walking them through how to send a message from their Facebook account, I’m the guy.

One item I’ve never had to fix is their data backup. I stressed to them over and over to make sure all of the pictures of their grandchildren and any other data is always backed up on an external hard drive and also in the Cloud. Of course I had to set everything up and make sure the data was really backing up, but I know my parents are sleeping well knowing the 16 years of photos of their grandkids are safe.

Before I set up the backup plan for my parents, they were uneasy and always worried they would lose it all if the computer died. I think the same goes for dental offices. Other than the dental team, the most important asset to the dental office is their data. What plan is in place if or when your server dies?  Every server will eventually die or have problems and it is the responsibility of the office to ensure there is a proper, valid backup of their data. This is why Patterson offers a couple of solutions: PattLock or DDS Rescue. Please join me on Wednesday, June 11 to hear about how a good backup solution can help you sleep well at night.

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