Instagram Takeover at Dentsply Sirona World with Mona Patel, DDS

Dr. Mona Patel interviewing Mary Horvath at Dentsply Sirona World 2019.
Dr. Patel spoke with Patterson Corporate Technology Advisor Mary Horvath at Dentsply Sirona World 2019.

When we invited Mona Patel, DDS, to do a full takeover of our Instagram account during Dentsply Sirona World 2019 in Las Vegas, we didn’t quite know what to expect. What we did know is that whatever she came up with, it would be awesome. We knew that because Dr. Patel is awesome.

Dr. Patel of Bayshore Dental in Milwaukee has been a Patterson Dental customer since 2013  and has been a joy to work with at every step of her journey. Given her professionalism and vibrant personality, we knew she was the perfect customer to test the waters in our first-ever Instagram takeover.

It was easy from our end. We simply gave her a wireless microphone and got out of the way. After making her official entrance, Dr. Patel explored the Patterson Lounge, our main booth space and even made her way to other areas of the expo floor.

As a leader in the dental industry herself, Dr. Patel used her Instagram takeover as an opportunity to highlight Patterson as a company that is leading the way in digital dentistry. She took the time to seek out Patterson employees — leaders in their own right — and ask how our unrivaled infrastructure of service and support fits within their individual roles.

Her first stop was with Nick Abruzzo, Vice President of Sales and Strategic Accounts  at Patterson Dental. When Dr. Patel asked if he were to die and come back as a piece of dental equipment that Patterson sells, which would he want to be and why, Nick replied with Primescan. “It’s new, it’s the latest and greatest, it’s got a great name and it’s one of the most new and exciting technologies out there.”

Images from Dr. Patel's Instagram takeover.
Left to right: Dr. Patel made a grand entrance into the Patterson Lounge; speking with Nick Abruzzo; interviewing Tucker Woolfolk

Dr. Patel asked the same question to Rich Rosenblatt, DDS, who also went with CEREC Primescan AC. “I’m a massive CEREC junkie but having that merge with my cone beam is … it’s my 1A and B,” said Dr. Rosenblatt. “CEREC is what I built everything off of.”

Next up, Dr. Patel spoke with Mary Horvath. After talking about Mary’s role as a Corporate Technology Advisor at Patterson Dental, they spoke briefly about the value the Patterson Technology Center (PTC) brings to our customers. “In my office, every computer has the PTC number stuck on the keyboard because we utilize PTC,” Dr. Patel said. “Whether we need help launching the new software, new updates, or are just lonely and need someone to talk to — call PTC.”

Dr. Patel also spoke with Amy Atkinson, a CAD/CAM Specialist who is “grateful to have the opportunity to help doctors implement technology into their practice, from purchasing to taking care of customers.” Dr. Patel took this moment to advocate for either a red wine or beer dispenser added to the Primescan. Amy was quick to agree the Primescan should dispense red wine — “Rosé all day!”

Dr. Patel eventually made her way back to Mary Horvath who was joined by Marketing Manager Michelle Graham to showcase the OperaVR, a virtual reality-based tool for reducing dental anxiety. OperaVR is so immersive, Dr. Patel was able to snatch Michelle’s purse right off her shoulder!

Dr. Mona Patel with T-Bone at Dentsply Sirona World 2019 in Las Vegas.
Dr. Patel stopped by Dr. Tarun Agarwal’s 3d Dentists booth at Dentsply Sirona World 2019.

Before heading off to her speaking role at Dentsply Sirona World, Dr. Patel stopped off at the 3D Dentists booth to say hi to her friend and long-time Patterson customer Tarun Agarwal, DDS. Dr. Agarwal (who you may know better as T-Bone) had performed a live surgery the day before in which he placed six dental implants. The surgery was livestreamed to the entire Dentsply Sirona World general session. “I’m so proud of you for your surgery yesterday,” Dr. Patel said.

Clearly Dr. Patel had a good time as she not only had some fun with the OperaVR, she also tried using the Primescan to scan a pair of gold-studded Valentino shoes she spotted at the booth and even attempted to take off with a full CEREC Primescan Acquisition Center before leaving for the day (all in good jest, of course).

These are only a few highlights from Dr. Patel’s whirlwind Instagram takeover. She also visited with plenty of other Patterson employees from an Equipment Specialist and a Strategic Accounts Specialist to those in Procurement and Customer Service. Dr. Patel displayed her genuine enthusiasm and sincere interest with each person she interviewed.

Having Dr. Patel take over our account for the day was not only fun and entertaining to our Instagram followers, but her presence at the conference also brought a lot of excitement to the Patterson booth and to Dentsply Sirona World as a whole. Dr. Patel, you’re welcome back any time — we hope you enjoy your personalized emoji!

Mona Patel, DDS, emoji.

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