Introducing: Devin Firl

Last year, we added a multitalented new team member to our Equipment Marketing Department. That’s not his formal title, of course. Devin Firl is our newest marketing specialist, equipment.

In his role, Devin works with vendors to create promotions, marketing pieces and awareness for their products. He helps establish vendor pricing in Patterson systems. He works on Patterson Today and other core equipment publications. And, fittingly for someone multitalented, he deals with just about everything else we throw at him.

Devin graduated from St. Mary’s University of Minnesota with degrees in marketing and international business, and came to Patterson from Technical Die-Casting of Stockton, Minn. There, he worked all angles of marketing campaigns – from analytics and reporting to advertising and branding – while also providing sales representative support.

The role of technology in dentistry’s future is something we get excited about at Patterson. That’s another reason we are excited to welcome Devin aboard – he sees how advancing technology can help the industry advance and is excited to continue working with our vendors as endless possibilities become realities.

He, like all of us, is excited to be another part of the process that helps improve the patient experience and practice lifestyle.