Is Your Practice OnTrack?

At Patterson, we’re all about improvement – how can we better serve you? That’s why Mercer Advisors’ OnTrack software is such a perfect fit. It’s the dental practice software that helps you help yourself.

Everyone can be more efficient – it’s one of the things that keep us going – but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a daunting task. Improvement in a dental practice can require numerous charts and reports to know where time and resources are being lost. It requires not only commitment from leaders, but your team as a whole. And if not done efficiently, the process of evaluating your practice can cost you resources in and of itself.

Needless to say, assistance in such a task would be appreciated.

OnTrack is just that. With less than 15 seconds of updating per patient, it provides accurate and current feedback for various areas of improvement in your practice. And goals are personalized so you can monitor your improvement as the program develops.

Whether you’re looking to increase case acceptance or overall practice growth, OnTrack will record and evaluate current behaviors while your team goes about business as usual. Results can then be accessed anywhere through our cloud-based server, and will soon be possible to integrate with Eaglesoft and other practice management software.

It makes sense that to improve what you do best, you need help. If you didn’t you wouldn’t be giving it your all. To take it a step further, Patterson will even send a representative to your office for a free OnTrack planning session. It’s because help is what we’re all about, and without others, it’s hard to stay on track.

For more information on OnTrack please see our advertisement in the Winter 2013 edition of Patterson Today.