Marketing Your CEREC Services

So you have the CEREC® single visit crown technology. Now what? In our experience, most people don’t know that a service that provides a crown in a single visit even exists, and when told how it works, are very impressed.

What can you do to let your current and potential patients know that you now offer CAD/CAM technology? HM Fusion has teamed up with Patterson Dental and Sirona to help provide many of the tools CEREC owners have requested to help with marketing your CEREC services.

Tip #1 − Update Your Website with CEREC Information

Whether your potential new patients learn about your practice by referral, web search, radio, publication, ad or direct mail campaign, the majority will visit your website before they make an appointment. Your website is where you can show off your new CAD/CAM service and provide information about you and your practice.

Updating your website with helpful information on your CEREC services is a fast and simple way of letting current and prospective patients know that you offer a new smile in one visit. To download online tools please visit our CEREC Marketing page.

Tip #2 − Update Your Office with CEREC Print Collateral

You already have the perfect stage to start promoting your new CEREC technology − your current patients. Take every opportunity you can to make them aware that this new CAD/CAM technology is available to them. From posters in the waiting room to brochures at the reception desk, having CEREC print collateral in your office is a great way to get the word out about your new technology.

Tip #3 – Market Your CEREC Service to Current Patients

Contact your patients, outside the office, to introduce them to your new single visit dentistry service. Whether your patient visited last week or last year, let them know that this service is now available to them.

Tip #4 – Market Your CEREC Service to Potential Patients

You have to remember that although you have heard about single visit crowns, most people have not. When people do learn of this service, it generates a lot of interest. Highlight your CEREC service in all of your marketing efforts, whether it’s direct mail, publication advertising, social media or the local street fair.

Still want more to help market your CEREC services? We have created a special area of our website, where you will find these tools to help you market your CEREC service both online and offline, as well as instructions on how to use them. We also offer a free consultation to any CEREC doctor who would like to learn more on how to market their CEREC service.

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  1. My thoughts exactly. I’ve been a CEREC Specialist for over a year and I’m amazed to see the majority of CEREC owners not market their CEREC at all to their patient base. Crazy! I’m trying to help current and new owners market their CEREC to help them grow their business. Then these Happy owners will be more likely to introduce me to their friends who could benefit from CEREC like they have.

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