How CEREC helps one dentist practice dentistry his way

When Mark W. Heidebrecht, DDS, started his practice, Gentility Dentistry in Wichita, Kan., he wanted to create an atmosphere that supports good dentistry. “I really want to do what’s best – to have the best technology and give my patients the best care possible,” he said.

One aspect of offering that high level of care is providing what Dr. Heidebrecht calls slow dentistry. In the past, Dr. Heidebrecht felt like he was on such a tight schedule that he was getting patients in and out as quickly as possible. Instead, he prefers to take the time necessary to educate patients about what they need. “When I talk to them in terms they can understand, most people make really good decisions about how to fix and care for their teeth ­– not temporarily, but permanently,” he said.

The technology that Dr. Heidebrecht has incorporated into his office helps him practice dentistry his way. He limits his practice to 3-6 patients a day and performs mainly restorations. For this reason, he said that his CEREC is priceless. Not only does it allow him to practice the way he wants, it helps him create the best restorations. “With CEREC I’m in control of the design of the restoration,” he said. “I’m not relying on anybody else but my own ability to do the design on the machine. It helps me create phenomenal restorations that look great and fit great,” he said.

“I really love dentistry,” he said. “I just thoroughly enjoy doing dentistry and want to provide patients with the very best care. My only wish is that I had started practicing this way earlier. If you’re going to practice, you may as well practice the way you want to and the way you know is best.”

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