Now Entering the Age of EnWHITENment

When it comes to tooth-whitening products and services, dental practices are able to offer more to their patients than retailers can. Between in-office and take-home whitening solutions, dentists have a solution for every patient.

Yet, according to a study conducted by Mintel, about 70 percent of consumers who are interested in tooth whitening purchase direct from retailers. The study found that only 10 percent of consumers who wanted to whiten their teeth did it in a dental office. On the flip side, 41 percent used whitening toothpaste, 17 percent used whitening mouthwash and 15 percent used whitening strips.

To help counter this trend, Patterson Dental is introducing a new effort that we’re calling “the age of enWHITENment.” Running through January and February, our goal through this effort is to help dentists ensure their patients get the proper results and keep coming back.

Our enWHITENment flyer features our top selling in-office and take-home whitening products, plus two new products: Tanda Pearl, a brand new concept in whitening technology using ionic science to improve the performance of whitening gel; and Sinsational Smile, designed as a maintenance program to be done immediately following a prophy.

These two new items help Patterson offer an even more comprehensive line of whitening products. Our entire team is excited to help dental practices take back whitening business from retailers. Talk to your Patterson representative or browse Patterson whitening products here.