Preventive Dentistry for Your Office

There are several benefits to being proactive with preventive dentistry, and regular semi-annual dental cleanings are a large part of any good oral health care regime. These visits can benefit the patient in six simple ways:

  1. Prevent cavities and decay
  2. Stop tooth loss
  3. Brighten their smile
  4. Freshen their breath
  5. Improve overall health
  6. Save money long term

In-office treatments provide solutions to ensure that future problems are identified before requiring multiple in-office visits. Using the right dental products makes semi-annual visits more seamless for both the doctor and the patient. Here are some of Patterson’s picks for in-office products to help maintain a patient’s overall oral health.

Preventive Dental Products

GC America- MI Varnish

This varnish is great for use on all patients. The only varnish to boast RECALDENT technology, MI Varnish releases higher levels of fluoride, calcium and phosphate ions to prevent carries.

Dentsply Professional – NUPRO Revolv Disposable Prophy Packs

These flavorful NUPRO Revolv Disposable Prophy Packs come with both the DPA and the paste together to save your practice time, money and space.

Patterson Floss

Patterson Waxed Bubble Gum floss is perfect for your young patients. This is a great item to send home because kids love fun flavors, but not necessarily flossing. Giving them something fun to use will encourage good oral hygiene habits.

Patterson Nonwoven Gauze Cotton Sponges

The tight fiber construction of these Patterson sponges means that your instruments are less likely to get caught on the threads. It also makes for a softer texture to increase patient comfort.

Hu-Friedy Mirror Handle & Hu-Friedy Single-Side Cone Socket Mirrors – Front Surface

The main benefit to investing in mirror handles and heads separately is that you can replace the mirror independently should it become too scratched. To decrease the frequency of needing to replace your mirrors, a rhodium coating like that found in the Hu-Friedy Single-Side Cone Socket Mirror will help minimize scratching.

Patterson Explorer

A multi-purpose instrument, the explorer is essential in every practice. The Patterson Explorer is a great option for this standard need.

Hu-Friedy Gracey Curette, Hu-Friedy Universal Curette,& Hu-Friedy Universal Columbia Curette- Resin 8 Color Series

Curettes are recommended over scalers for patients who need deep scaling, root planing or periodontal debridement. A variety of curettes with different angles is recommended so that you have multiple instruments on hand to fit varying surfaces.

Hu-Friedy Ultrasonic Scaler Inserts – Streamline® with Resin Handle

Ultrasonic scalers are another alternative to traditional scalers. These scalers use high-pressured water delivered directly from the instrument tip to assist in the breakup of plaque and debris. Hu-Friedy Streamline inserts have color-coded handles to help the hygienist quickly discern the tip style and increase tactical sensitivity.